We had the opportunity to interview Chad Summerhill, who will be speaking about how to build an in-house PPC team at Hero Conf 2013.

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Chad Summerhill is the Director of Digital  Marketing at ABF U-Pack Moving and Co-Founder of both Queryminer (negative keyword tool for PPC) and Gazel (Excel Add-in for Google Adwords). Chad writes about PPC on his personal blog, chadsummerhill.com, and is known for his free Excel templates for analyzing PPC data. Over the last 5 years, Chad has used both homegrown and 3rd party tools to help manage millions in PPC investment.                                                   ___________________________________

PPC Hero: Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Chad: I’m the Director of Digital Marketing at U-Pack Moving, and also the Co-creator of three beautiful daughters and of a small PPC software company—Gazel (and Excel Addin for AdWords).  I’ve got a strong background in web analytics, bid management, and conversion optimization.  I write quite a bit about using Excel for PPC.  You can follow me on Twitter @ChadSummerhill and by personal blog is chadsummerhill.com.

PPC Hero: Why did you decide to become a PPC professional?

Chad: PPC is an exciting, growing profession.  Companies are relying more and more on search marketing to connect with their customers.  This is a job that can be tied directly to revenue and profit—a good place to be.  Besides all the career opportunities, PPC is a great mix of creative and data-driven disciplines that really appealed to my interests and strengths.

PPC Hero: What has your experience in PPC has taught you about Account Structure?

Chad: Account structure is about control and visibility.  Get it right, and your account can flourish—insights are more readily available and you can leverage the targeting capabilities the engines provide.  Get it wrong and it can destroy your accounts potential.

PPC Hero: What features would you like to see AdWords and BingAds come out with in the future?

Chad: Adwords: The ability to bid separately for AdWords search partners. BingAds: The ability to bid separately on Yahoo and Bing, and catch-up with AdWords in terms of your web interface and reporting capabilities.

PPC Hero: Tell us a little about what you’ll be speaking on at Hero Conf 2013.

Chad: How U-Pack built an awesome in-house PPC team and the tools and partnerships we use to manage our PPC accounts.

PPC Hero: If you could predict where PPC will be in 3 years, what would you say?

Chad: More competitive, expensive, and complicated.  Marketers will have to leverage existing and future targeting capabilities more and more to win.

PPC Hero: What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when managing a PPC account?

Chad: There are so many important things, but make sure you setup analytics properly for tracking conversions.  Otherwise, you won’t know what’s working or not.  Regardless of any PPC best practices you use.

PPC Hero: Outside of paid search and the Internet, what are your favorite ways to pass the time?

Chad: Spending time with my three daughters, reading, running, hiking, and building PPC software.

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