The Hero Conf schedule is LIVE, and our 2020 schedule is ALL NEW. You’ll experience 40, never-before-heard sessions, no recycled presentations, so you’ll be sure to learn new strategies from our experts.

With 44 speakers, 40 breakout sessions, 4 keynotes, and 700+ like-minded PPC attendees, it’s the platform for innovative ideas, creative discussions, and connections that matter.

Session topics cover the big platforms as well as the budding ones. Our schedule includes sessions on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Quora, LinkedIn, and more.

Here is a quick peek at some of the sessions we are excited to bring you:

Amazon & Google: Friends or Foes?

In this session, attendees will learn how to build a “Web to Amazon strategy” to drive traffic to a brand’s Amazon storefront and will gain insights into how to leverage Amazon’s DSP to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

Why Your Shiny New Facebook Creative Isn’t Performing & How to Fix It

Too often, media teams demand new Facebook creative without understanding why ads aren’t performing. As a result, the creative team spends hours designing new ads that are destined to fail It’s time for the media team to take the lead in the creative design process. This doesn’t mean brushing up on Photoshop. This means leveling up on your Facebook analytics skills!

The 4 Golden Rules of Programmatic Technology

The session will cover the importance of simplifying your tech stack and owning your own contracts. The magic of data will demonstrate the importance of a robust measurement strategy when attributing value to your adtech. Finally, we’ll be discussing how to establish the overall value of programmatic technology within your wider marketing strategy.

Rates go up January 31st

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