Well, judging our Hero Conf guest post scholarship event turned out to be a lot harder than we expected it to be. We had so many excellent entries, it was difficult to narrow down the finalist, let alone the overall winner.

But it had to be done, and in the end the votes among the PPC experts in our offices ended up aligning perfectly with the post that also had the most page views, so the winner won on both counts!

We also selected a second- and third-place winner, because we wanted to, and because we had some special Hero Conf-themed prizes to give away too! The runners-up will receive some official SWAG from Hero Conf SWAG sponsor Zagg!

Here’s how the winners break down:

This was a great contest, and we dearly thank everyone who entered. The response was overwhelming, and we wish we could send you all to Hero Conf! Note to the runners up: We’ll be shipping your Zagg SWAG after Hero Conf, so we’ll be in touch

As always, registrations are filling up fast (really–they’re almost gone), so this is one of your last chances — Register today!