If you’re looking to hire a marketing agency, it’s vital to choose one that understands your goals, industry, and your business. The path to finding and hiring the best agency for your company is no easy feat. You need one that’s not only honest and upfront with you, but one that can help you navigate the complex world of marketing and get you the results you need to expand and grow your business.

Whether this is your first time participating in the process of hiring an agency or your 5th time, it’s good to get a fresh perspective on what you should be looking for, including the types of questions to ask and the warning signs to look out for. To help you in the process, Hanapin’s President, Jeff Allen, and Director of Services, Carrie Albright, go through the primary elements you should consider when hiring an agency. 

You’ll get expert-level advice on:

  • What questions to ask potential partner marketing agencies. 
  • The types of answers you should be looking for when asking these questions.
  • Why these questions are especially important.


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