We are doing some catch up with our reader submitted questions so today we are posting another “Ask PPC Hero” article! Recently, we received a question from Shweta, and here is what they asked:

“If I keep bad performing campaigns and good performing campaigns in a single account, will they affect each other in any ways?”

Good question! In a nutshell; yes, a poor performing campaign can negatively affect your account history, therefore damaging your account level Quality Score.

How does this happen? There are numerous levels to the Quality Score within each account: keyword, ad text, ad group, content, campaign, account. A weak campaign can have a negative effect on your account history which can hinder other campaigns within a given account.

We have asked our Google AdWords Representatives for specifics on this topic and they responded vaguely by saying that account history does not directly affect your Quality Score. However, they have  also said that having a positive account history is extremely important to your AdWords success. What does this mean? It means that they didn’t want to explicitly state how your account history and account level Quality Scores are determined. And in turn, this means that this is an element of your account that can’t be ignored.

Shweta, another aspect of this question is why keep a poor performing campaign around? If your ROI is negative; your click-through is low; and your cost-per-conversion is inflated, what are you getting out of this campaign?

Sounds like this poor performing campaign could be hindering your Quality Score and your bottom line. Here are your next steps to head in the right direction:

  1. Determine why this campaign is performing so poorly. Remember to use all of the AdWords report tools at your disposal.
  2. Decide whether this campaign is salvageable or if it should be paused outright. What is holding this campaign back? Really drill down to the ad group and keyword  level.
  3. If you decide that this campaign is crucial for the success of your account, then you need to create a plan to streamline/optimize this campaign.

I hope this helps!

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