What is a customer profile?

Police are notorious for creating profiles. They put these together to help others know what to look for when hunting down a criminal. We’re not going to be hunting down criminals today, but we will be talking about how to create a customer profile. We will use these when we start our facebook advertising campaigns.

Let’s pick an affiliate product and create a profile together. HostGator sounds like a good one. When creating a customer profile, I use three major sources: Google AdPlanner, Quantcast, and Alexa.com

Before we create the profile, I want to take a second and help you understand what data we are looking for. We are looking for:

  • Ideal Age
  • Ideal Sex
  • Ideal Interests
  • Education

Let’s start with Google AdPlanner and enter HostGator.com. What do you see? I see that the average person going to the site is a male between the ages of 18-24. This site also shows some of their biggest interests, which are: Peugeot, Rabbits & Rodents, and Fiat.

In case you’re wondering, the interests are based on an affinity score. It basically means how likely a HostGator.com visitor is to be associated with those interests.

Let’s now visit Alexa.com and see what information we can glean. Here we find that the average visitor is a male between the ages of 55-64. One thing that I like about Alexa’s data is we find searching data. This shows me what people are really wanting to find when they visit the website we’re analyzing.

Let’s end our search at Quantcast and see what we find. I live by a rule of patterns. While the data doesn’t seem to add up at the moment, adding a third set information does help to solidify the data. Quantcast says that the average person visiting the site is a male between the ages of 18 and 24.

This is why you always want to have at least more then 3 sources of information before you make a decision. If I were trying to promote an offer of a similar product to HostGator, then I would have a pretty good idea of the ideal customer. It wouldn’t hurt to take this same process and apply it for other hosting companies such as: BlueHost or RackSpace.


To create a customer profile for your facebook ads, make sure you consult with three viable sources of information (Alexa, Quantcast, and Google AdPlanner). This is what we do over at Adogy to make sure our clients experience the greatest ROI on their facebook campaigns.