If you want to get more bang for your buck from Facebook ads, it is time to switch to video. Facebook video ads can drive more clicks and leads. 

They do better because something that moves in the feed will certainly attract more attention than a still image. And you also get to share more information and convince people to check out your landing page. This can be vital on Facebook as there is a 20% text limit on ad images. It can severely limit the amount of information you want to share.

So, do you want to learn how to create Facebook video ads that generate more conversions?

Then check out the step by step process below…

Start with a lot of research:

The quickest way to create successful video ads is to research and see what your top competitors are doing. So, before you create your ad, visit the websites of all your top competitors. 

Then visit Facebook later as you will get served with retargeting ads from these competitors. You can make a note of the types of videos they use, the copy they write, the landing pages the videos lead to, etc. Looking at their entire Facebook marketing strategy this way is important. Instead of only focusing on the ads. 

If you want to be certain that you are only visiting websites that receive a good amount of traffic from Facebook ads, you can use an analytics tool.

Social traffic analytics
Image credit: Similarweb

 It will show you how much traffic the site gets totally and what percent of that is from Facebook.

If a site is getting a lot of traffic from Facebook, it is probably because of ads because Facebook’s organic reach is very low. 

Create several versions of short videos:

Once you know what works, you can start creating your videos. For best results, create short videos as Facebook recommends this. 

Short videos work well because there is less information in the video. So, viewers have to visit the landing page to learn more. Here’s a good short ad from Conversion XL. 

example video ad

I recommended you to test out your own ads of different lengths. So, create several versions of videos that vary in length from 6 to 30 seconds. You should only create longer videos if your aim isn’t to drive traffic, but to build brand impressions. Longer videos can also be used to warm up cold traffic before you retarget them. 

Optimize them for silent viewing:

A lot of people will be watching your videos in mute. So, if you don’t optimize your videos for silent viewing you will miss out on views and conversions. The easiest way to optimize your videos for silent viewing is by adding subtitles.

Get the video to resemble the landing page:

One way to quickly boost your Facebook video ad’s conversion rate is by making it resemble the landing page. When the video looks similar to the landing page it boosts conversion scent. And people will feel more comfortable when they visit your landing page from your ad, especially if you are sending cold traffic. 

An example of a landing page that looks just like the video ad is this one from SEMRush. 

example landing page
Image credit: SEMrush

You will find that they use the same color palette, font, logo, etc. 

example image ad

When someone visits this landing page from this ad, they will be certain that they are in the right place. So, SEMrush’s conversion rate will be a lot higher. The ad and landing page have been created to reflect a strong conversion scent. 

If you are running an ecommerce store you can create a customized landing page like this with Shopify

landing page example shopify

They have a builder that makes it easy to create landing pages that look similar to the ad. 

But if you want to create a standalone landing page, you can use a software like Leadpages to set it up. 

If you find it time-consuming to get the landing page to look exactly like the ad, at least add your logo to your ad. This should be the same logo you add to your website/landing page. As it will add a bit of conversion scent. But make sure it is a white or black version of it. 

A logo designed with a neutral color will blend in better. For example, take a look at the above ad from SEMrush again. The logo on their Facebook profile picture is brown (maybe reddish orange) in color. But the one on the ad is white in color. 

In a similar way, you should use a white logo on a dark background or a black logo on a light background. 

If you haven’t got a white or black version of your logo you can create one by using a free tool like Zyro’s logo maker. 

zyro logo maker

Another benefit of adding the logo to your video is that it will help you brand it. Content theft is a common problem on Facebook and Instagram. And it is very likely that people will steal your video and use it for their own purposes. 

The logo will prevent people from doing that. And even if they go ahead and do it anyway, you will get some extra exposure. 

Another technique you can try is adding the video you used in your ad or a long version of it to your landing page. This can be a proper video sales letter. It can help improve the connection between the ad and the landing page. 

Launch the different versions of the ads:

After you create a few videos that are optimized for silent viewing and you have a landing page that resembles the video, you can launch the different versions of your ads. 

The best way to test out your ads is by targeting video viewers. You can create custom audiences on Facebook based on how much of your videos they have watched in the past. As these people have watched your videos in the past, they will be more likely to watch your video ads too. 

So, go ahead and create a few custom audiences and launch your ad to these viewers. 

Make sure you launch the different versions of your video ads and split test them. You can then take the best performing video and target new audiences. These can include retargeting warm/hot audiences (people who signed up to your email list, previously purchased from you, etc.), people who have recently visited your website, and of course lookalike audiences eventually. 


This is the step by step process you should follow while creating Facebook video ads. Start by doing a lot of research. You need to analyze your competitors’ video ads and your ads and of course your organic videos too. After that, you should create the videos and optimize them for silent viewing. 

Also, make sure you get the landing page to look similar to the video. And then finally you can launch the ad.