Haven’t we all tried to search for something that just seemed impossible to find? Do you remember the frustration you felt when you typed in exactly what you were looking for, clicked on an ad that seemed like it should take you to the product you wanted, only to land on a page that left you wanting more, lost or worse case, forced to search further into the site for the exact item you wanted?

Did you take time to search further or did you just click out and back to search results in hopes the next ad would deliver results? In most cases, shoppers will not take time to play “where’s Waldo” for the product they are seeking. Instead, they expect us, as professional search marketers, to take them by the hand and lead them to the Promised Land.

So how can we be sure we’re doing that? As you know, PPC Hero is taking us back to the basics this week. Earlier, Joe covered how to build your killer keyword list, an absolute must and starting point. Once you have that, now you’ve got to build compelling, benefit-focused ad copy, which Pete wrote about on Wednesday. Now it’s our job to tie all of these elements together in order to create the most relevant and targeted search marketing campaign possible.

Why? Because we want to capture “Jenny Shopper’s” attention with our keywords and ad text and walk her through our sales funnel until she converts to a lead or a sale from the landing page.

So what do you do? Start by including your top keywords in the ad headline. If Jenny is looking for wedding cake toppers, a great headline for the ad could be “Buy Cake Toppers” or more simply put, “Wedding Cake Toppers”.

Further that by encompassing keywords in your ad description and get yourself a great click-through rate to the landing page. An example of a good ad description for wedding cake toppers would be, “Wedding Cake Tops That Can Be Personalized for Free. Shop Now.” You’ve included your main keyword in the ad headline and the ad description and you’ve got a great call to action, “Shop Now.” But, you can’t stop there.

Your landing page has to include keywords specific to Jenny’s search and make it easy for her to make a purchase. You also have to bring Jenny to a page that delivers product for the keyword you’ve been touting. Jenny will expect that clicking on a very keyword rich ad will take her to a page full of wedding cake toppers. If you don’t deliver that, you lose.

So you see, it’s not brain surgery, it’s just common sense. Use keywords that are relevant to the product or service that you offer, include those in your ad text and landing page content and then drive that shopper directly to a page that delivers what you promised in your ad. Ta Da! The conversions you’ve been waiting for!