Last week we lost one of the greatest leaders in innovation that has ever been born.  Steve Jobs was a great leader that inspired many people around the world. We’ll miss him and everything he’s done for Apple and the world.  I have always been a big fan of Jobs and love to post stories about him and things he’s doing.  In order to honor him and the life that he lived I set up a Facebook Fan page for him.

“Remembering Steve” and “Steve Jobs” were very trending topics so I decided to set up a Facebook ad to get people to the fan page.  I did this to see if I could take a trending topic and turn it into Facebook Fans and website visitors.  I originally had the website pointing to my website so that I could track the hits, later I changed it to Apples’ main site.

My Ad:

This ad targets 3,039,660 users:

  • who live in the United States
  • age 18 and older
  • who like #Apple, #Apple Inc. or #IPhone
  • who are not already connected to RememberingSteve


When I started the ad my average cost was at $0.11 because so many people were clicking on the ad.  My average CPC quickly moved to $0.03 per click.  I spent $33.65 total over 6 hours timeframe.  I ended up getting 789 likes and around 100K impressions on my add.  This resulted in 246 clicks to my website and 16 different comments on different posts that I’d created.  I wasn’t even trying to get clicks to my website nor people commenting on my site but we ended up with that.

To make this work you need to make sure that you are branding your ads on Facebook with the trending topics and a photograph that relates to what you’re talking about.  I recommend setting up a couple different photographs with the same text.  I have found that 70% of an ad and the CTR has to do with the photograph in the ad.  If you have a trending topic, with a large target group, good photo, and decent ad copy you should be able to convert well and get very low clicks.

Trending topics is a great way to get quick clicks.  I wasn’t trying to make money off these clicks, mainly just trying to help out a good cause.  I acted on this Facebook page.  I heard about the death of Steve Jobs and had this started 15 minutes later.  I wanted to be apart of letting the world celebrate this great man.  It’s the same with many trending topics.  If you are willing to act on topics that are trending you will be able to get cheap clicks, maximize those clicks, and get a lot of value out of those clicks.

If you ever have questions about Facebook ads or trending topics or have had a similar story, please leave your comment in the comments section.

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