Bing Ads is working to ensure that campaign management is both seamless and efficient between itself and Google AdWords. Bing will be adopting Upgraded URLs that will be supported when migrating campaigns from AdWords.

Bing Ads Timelines You Need To Know

  1. Supporting Import of Upgraded URLs from AdWords by early May 2015
  2. Availability of Upgraded URLs in Bing Ads by the end of summer 2015
  3. Supporting Import of Upgraded URLs from AdWords by early May 2015

By the beginning of next month, Bing Ads will be rolling out a series of two updates to their platform with regards to Upgraded URLs.

The first update is to their Google Import feature in both our Bing Ads Web UI and Bing Ads Editor. This change only impacts advertisers that import their AdWords campaign data into Bing Ads. For those who import campaigns using Bing Ads Editor, there will be an optional upgrade available.

Simplifying Campaign Importation

When advertisers import their campaigns from Google to the Bing Ads platform, Bing will use your existing AdWords tracking templates (at the account, campaign, ad group and entity level) and URLs (both final URL and final mobile URL) to reconstruct a destination URL that Bing Ads will be able to understand.

The table below details the changes that will affect the destination URLs of text ads, keywords and sitelink extensions. It also outlines how Bing Ads will handle destination URLs, final URLs and final mobile URLs during Google import.


NOTE: Bing Ads is currently unable to import URLs that use custom parameters (e.g. {_creative}=1234). They will skip entities during Google Import that reference custom parameters either in their Final URLs, Final Mobile URLs or Tracking templates.

The second update is the support for a subsection of the new dynamic text parameters to allow you to make more informed optimizations to your campaigns.

New Dynamic Text Placeholders in Bing Ads Destination URLs

As a part of the AdWords Upgraded URLs feature, a few changes were made within Bing to widen support of new ValueTrack parameters. In addition to supporting reconstructing URL structures for advertisers that use upgraded URLs with tracking templates and final URLs, Bing will support the succeeding dynamic text placeholders in your destination URLs.


Full support for dynamic text parameters that will return empty values in May 2015 will be announced at a later time.

Bing is promising more details on this new feature in the upcoming months.