In Case You Missed It: Robots Taking Over PPC!

By Bonnie Pogorelc | @bonpogorelc

You may have heard that robots are taking over your PPC. Well, maybe not to that extreme, but machine learning and AI is a hot topic in the PPC world right now. With all of these new automation tools coming out, it’s easy to wonder where the industry is heading. But don’t worry about machine learning controlling us – we’ll teach you how to use it to control your audiences and tune them into where you want them to be.

We launched this awesome webinar on May 4th, but we want to make sure no one missed out on the greatness. So for your entertainment, we’ve included the slides and recording in this post – all you have to do is scroll!

In this webinar recording, Acquisio’s Marc Poirier and Hanapin’s Jeff Baum will discuss what’s happening with AI and machine learning today, tips to use them to your advantage, and what will be happening in the future. Enjoy!

How AI & Machine Learning Will Impact Paid Advertising

Presented by HanapinHanapin

How AI & Machine Learning Will Impact Paid Advertising from Hanapin Marketing

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