Yahoo! Just announced yesterday that they will no longer offer the free Yahoo Shopping listings as part of their API services. They are now partnering up with Pricegrabber, an online comparison shopping search engine, to provide your products via Yahoo.

Pricegrabber is a cost-per-click program just like Google, Yahoo and MSN. However instead of creating campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads you simply upload a feed of all your ecommerce products with their relative information like price, description, shipping cost etc.

So now not only will you display your products on Pricegrabber, but they’ll display on Yahoo from the same feed.

I use shopping search engines like Pricegrabber, Shopzilla and for some of my ecommerce clients and love them.  As long as you have access to a database export of your products then it’s really easy to get an account and start advertising.  Online shoppers are known to comparison shop before making their final purchases, and that’s exactly what Pricegrabber does. You type in a keyword or phrase of the item you’re looking for, and Pricegrabber will supply you with several different companies that have identical items. If there are multiple companies with the exact same item, Pricegrabber will show you the prices and shipping cost for each company allowing you to pick the best deal.

If you haven’t thought of using shopping search engines before I highly recommend you give it a try, at least for a few months. You can set your bids typically as low or high as you wish, although some categories do have minimum bid requirements.