The lives of Yahoo PPC advertisers just got a little easier! Yahoo announced that they are launching a feature that lets you import campaign data from Google AdWords.

Here’s a great tutorial on what types of Google Analytics reports you can run to help better manage your PPC campaigns. There are lots of new features on Google Analytics, but it helps to get back to the basics and recognize how much valuable data you can find!

One of our favorite things to do is Test, Test, Test, and this post gives a great step-by-step process for creating and testing your ad copy to make your ads the best they can be.

Are you a newcomer to PPC? Or maybe you are trying to explain PPC to a newcomer?  Search Engine Land has a helpful post on The Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Search.

Content network advertisers are apparently being blocked from advertising. Why is this? Apparently Google has high hopes for the Nexus One and is using up quite a bit of space on the content network to push the phone. Isn’t the first rule of being Google, not being evil?

The structure of your PPC campaign is imperative to your success. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row with these tips and tricks for creating order.