Today is the official unveiling of our new handbook: Inside Google AdWords Quality Score (click on title to access the handbook). Throughout our drive for Quality Score knowledge we have gathered detailed information, quips from our AdWords representatives and revelations from real world PPC results. We decided to place all of that information into a single, cohesive handbook.

This handbook is intended to empower AdWords advertisers to embrace Quality Score and use it to their advantage. To give you a taste of what’s in the handbook, here are three sections you can read quickly and put into action today:

  1. Ignoring Quality Score Can Kill Your Campaigns: To understand why Quality Score is important, we first need to explain how it impacts your campaigns everyday.
  2. Why Google Likes Quality Score: Quality Score advances Google’s goal of enhancing the user experience, it has positive bottom-line revenue implications, and it negatively impacts “MFA” (made for AdSense) advertisers.
  3. Checklist to Boost Quality Score: This section is a cumulative checklist of what advertisers can and should do to optimize their AdWords accounts with Quality Score in mind. Print this list out and cross reference when creating/editing your campaigns!

While we still don’t know everything about Quality Score (nobody but Google does), this handbook is a great reference point for your AdWords efforts. The entire PPC Team has found this information to be a huge benefit. It is our hope that you find it as helpful and can put this information to use today!

Click here for the Inside Google AdWords Quality Score handbook.