Have you ever wished you could see all digital ad types in one succinct place with visuals to remind you of what they actually look like? Us too! And now you can with our new Hanapin Marketing Ad Gallery.

As digital marketers, we’re living in an ever-changing ad landscape. Platforms release and change ad types on a regular basis these days. There are so many, in fact, that we were able to make an entire gallery of them! 

The Hanapin Marketing Ad Gallery features ads from top platforms: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Amazon, Linkedin and Instagram (more to come). You can filter by type of ad including video, display, image, search, shopping, social and app ads. Each ad type comes with a visual example as well as specs for that ad and a link to the ad specs on its respective platform page. 

In other words, you can now find ad specs, visuals and helpful links to paid search and paid social ads all in one place. Yes, this is real.

We currently have 30 or so ads in the gallery but will be adding more as we come across them online. The ads currently in the gallery are listed below. Feel free to sign up for the Ad Gallery updates to get notified when we add more to the list and/or when new ad types roll out.

Paid Media Ads in the Gallery:

Google Text Ad
Google Display Ads
Google App Ads
Google Product Ad
Google Dynamic Search Ad
Google Responsive Display Ad

Microsoft Expanded Text Ad
Microsoft Product Ad
Microsoft Audience Ad
Microsoft Dynamic Search Ad

Facebook Stories Ads
Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Image Ads
Facebook Carousel Ad

Instagram Stories Ad
Instagram Feed Ad
Instagram Video Ad
Instagram Collection Ad
Instagram Carousel Ad

Amazon Sponsored Product
Amazon Sponsored Brand
Amazon Sponsored Display (beta)

YouTube Skippable Video Ads
YouTube Display Ads
YouTube Non-skippable Video Ads

Linkedin Sponsored InMail
Linkedin Sponsored Image
LinkedIn Text Ad
LinkedIn Spotlight Ad

Pinterest Promoted Video Pin
Pinterest Promoted Carousel
Pinterest Promoted App Pins
Pinterest Promoted Pins