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Paid Search Marketing: What To Consider

One of the advantages of PPC marketing is the ability to analyze the online behavior of your target audience and quickly expand your reach to generate revenue. Pay-Per-Click ad campaigns are a great way to optimize branding exposure and implement seasonal marketing strategies.Read More »

Branding, Competitive Analysis

The Great Brand Keyword Debate: What You Need To Consider

We have been answering the questions of “Should I bid on my brand keywords?” and “Should I bid on competitor keywords?” since Google AdWords (now Google Ads) was first introduced. We all have personal opinions about the ethics of bidding on competitor keywords, but it...Read More »

Hero Conf

We want to hear from you!

Our thought-leaders are in the trenches daily, innovating and applying the newest trends in paid media to in-house or client accounts all over the world. If leading the charge in paid advertising speaks to you, we want you to speak for us.Read More »

Client Relations

How to Prepare For An Internal Client Transition

Internal client transitions can be stressful, but they don't have to be impossible. In this post, I explore the numerous things I have learned along the way that will make transitioning on or off a new account a smooth process!Read More »


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