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Google Ads

What: Buy on Google is now commission-free

Details: Following the addition of free product listings a couple of months back, Google Shopping will offer commission-free access to their native checkout within product listings via “Buy on Google”. With the announcement, came a confirmation that advertisers will be able to bring their own payment platform beginning with PayPal and Shopify. Lastly, the update will provide new avenues for feed creation while offering catalog matching to new merchants. 

Impact: Google continues to adjust it’s approach to EComm in an effort to ensure they remain a major player in the shopping journey. These updates will make Buy On Google more attractive and accessible to a wider range of potential retailers. The zero-commission offering is distinctly different from Amazon who charges fees for each item sold. 

What: Google Ads Editor v.14 released

Details: The new release provides updated support for recommendations and local campaigns.

Impact: Recommendations are automated “suggestions” from Google to optimize your account. The update improves the ability to monitor and implement these via the Editor. Additionally, the Editor now supports local campaigns.

What: Google introduces new features for responsive search ads

Details: Updates include the ability to use location insertion and countdown customizers. Next, Google has aimed to improve the suggestions shown when writing headlines and descriptions. Lastly, the much anticipated (and much needed) addition of cross-campaign reporting is now available for responsive search ads.

Impact: Although the adoption rate for responsive search ads has been high, there have been mixed reviews from both a performance and functionality standpoint. Location insertion and countdown customizers open the chance for ad copy CTR improvements, while cross-campaign reporting vastly streamlines the analysis advertisers will conduct to unearth important insights. 

What: New Features for Google Shopping including new customer targeting and visual updates

Details: Smart Shopping campaigns will allow advertisers to add additional conversion value for sales from new customers. Additionally, Google is adding more visual features to help customers discover retailers and products during the purchase journey.

Impact: Conversion value addition to first-time customers could help algorithms increase both the weight and frequency in which they target new vs returning customers. Additionally, the added visual elements should represent an improvement in the user experience.

What: Responsive display ads get an updated look

Details: This month, three new responsive display ad layouts are being rolled out. 

Impact: The new layouts are designed to improve engagement and include an updated integration of video and product feeds (for dynamic display ads).

What: Google expand misrepresentation policy to address clickbait advertising

Details: The expansion of the policy intends to “prevent ads that use tragedies, scandals and shame to pressure people to click immediately, when the claim is either false or lacks urgency.”

Impact: Public pressure is leading to numerous online forums reevaluating their content regulation policy. With this, Google hopes to ensure a high-quality and trustworthy experience for their users.

What: Deadline to adopt parallel tracking for video extended

Details: Parallel tracking deadline for video has been pushed to March 31st, 2021.

Impact: The extended deadline gives advertisers ample time to adjust

What: Manager accounts available in Google Mobile App

Details: Google launched manager accounts in the mobile app.

Impact: Manager accounts will allow advertisers to view all of their clients in one singular place on mobile.

What: Three new Overview features

Details: Recommendations can now be viewed and implemented on the Overview page. Additionally, you can download the full page or individual cards.

Impact: Many Advertisers use Overview exclusively a secondary spot-check. Regardless, this update improves that functionality.

Microsoft Advertising

What: Microsoft Advertising offer free stock images for Audiences Ads

Details: A new partnership with Shutterstock opens up over 320 million images for search campaigns.

Impact: Free access to this extensive image library creates new opportunities for countless advertisers. 

General Note

While July was heavy with Google updates, please read last month’s edition for the latest on additional platforms. June 2020 Updates to Paid Media Platforms.

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