Just a friendly reminder that your chance to own a piece of Hero Conf ends TONIGHT! Pockets of competition have been fierce (who knew people loved Twitter so much? Oh wait…), but there is still plenty left to bid on if you’re so inclined. We’ve updated the prices below to reflect where they now stand after a week of bidding.

We’ve also added two new auctions to go along with those that were bid up relatively quickly last time. They are a new Tweet Wall sponsorship and a new Tabletop Booth sponsorship. These two auctions will end on Friday of this week.

Get to bidding–time is running out!

And as always, a few ground rules:

  • Every auction has a reserve price, and the sponsorship won’t be sold for less than that price (sorry, no $5.00 booths).
  • We can’t be held responsible for how enthusiastic your competition is going to be. They’ll be PPC pros, after all!
  • Unless noted above, all auctions end at 11:59 pm tonight!!

That’s it! View all of the sponsorships at once here (or just scroll down). Happy bidding!

Shuttle Sponsorship

Starting Price: $0.99! $200!

Display your brand proudly in the shuttle that takes attendees from the conference hotel to downtown Austin for a night on the town.

The Details:

  • We put your logo on the inside of the shuttle and the onsite handout.
  • The shuttle takes attendees to and from the conference center.
  • Your logo is a hero.

Explore Tour Sponsorship

Starting Price: $0.99! $200!

Celebrate Austin with us by sponsoring an Explore Tour during the conference. This sponsorship gets your choice of SWAG item distributed to tour attendees.

The Details:

  • You provide your choice of SWAG for the tour.
  • We distribute the SWAG and mention your company by name during the tour.
  • Everybody likes you.

Full Page Onsite Handbook Ad

Starting Price: $0.99! $10!

Nothing carries your message like an ad, and this sponsorship gets you a full page in our onsite handbook.

The Details:

  • You provide us with a full-page ad for whatever you like.
  • It should probably be about your company.
  • We print the ad in our onsite handbook for all to see.

Tweet Wall Sponsorship

Starting Price: $0.99! 250!

Blend new media with real life, just like Hero Conf does, by sponsoring our tweet wall. Put your logo where everyone wants to put their tweets.

The Details:

  • Your logo up in lights, on the conference tweet wall.
  • You also get your logo in the onsite handbook.
  • Those are two places that get a lot of eyeballs.

USB Drive Sponsorship

Starting Price: $0.99! 

Provide utility as well as branding with a piece of SWAG attendees are likely to use again and again—the always-handy USB drive.

The Details:

  • You provide us with USB drives with your logo on them.
  • We distribute your branded USB drive to attendees.
  • Everybody wins.

Entertainment Sponsorship: Concert Night

Starting Price: $0.99! $5.00!

Sponsor Monday night’s entertainment, funky urban folk artist Erin Ivey, and make your brand visible at one of the highlights of the conference.

The Details:

  • Austin-based singer/songwriter Erin Ivey will be the entertainer.
  • You get your logo displayed onsite at the concert.
  • Your logo supports local music.
  • Austin loves you.

Entertainment Sponsorship: Comedian Night

Starting Price: $0.99! $50.00!

Sponsor Tuesday night’s entertainment, a comedian that will have the audience rolling, and make your logo a co-star of the show.

The Details:

  • A special, as-yet unannounced comedian will be the entertainer.
  • You get your logo displayed onsite at the show.
  • Comedians make people happy.
  • Your logo makes people happy.

Meal Break Sponsorship

Starting Price: $1,000

Sponsor the mid-conference oases known as meal breaks and associate your brand with one of the friendliest moments in the middle of an intense day of sessions. Including themed meals!

The Details:

  • You get your logo displayed on signage and napkins during meal breaks
  • The meals will be color-coordinated and themed after your company
  • You’ll get recognition as a meal sponsor during event announcements

Reception Sponsorship: Monday Night

Starting Price: $1,000

Grab the room’s attention during Monday night’s reception with a 60-second introduction to the evening, plus several logo placements.

The Details:

  • You get a prominent listing on reception signage.
  • You get a 60 second introduction during the reception.
  • You get your company logo in onsite conference materials.
  • This promotion is for Monday night’s reception only.

Backdrop Sponsorship

Starting Price: $1,000

Put your logo in the center of the room—literally—with a backdrop sponsorship. Your company will be visible during all general sessions.

The Details:

  • You get your logo on the general session backdrop.
  • Everybody can see the backdrop.
  • That means everybody can see your logo.

Speakers Dinner Sponsorship

Starting Price: $1,000

Kick Hero Conf off the right way by breaking bread with the speakers during a special speakers-only dinner event. This dinner takes place on April 7, the night before the conference begins.

The Details:

  • You get a place at the table with Hero Conf speakers. Literally—during the speakers dinner on April 7.
  • Hero Conf speakers are the best in the business.
  • Great minds eat alike. And network.

Charging Station Sponsorship

Starting Price: $1,000

Who are we kidding? The hottest spot at a tech conference is the charging station where attendees recharge their weary devices. Make your logo a hero by sponsoring a charging station.

The Details:

  • Your logo and signage appears at the charging station.
  • The charging station rescues the power-starved devices of attendees.
  • Your logo saves the day. 

Premium Exhibition Booth Space

Starting Price: $750

Make yourself available to the entire conference with a booth display, including a free exhibitor registration and discounts on additional registrations.

The Details:

  • You get a 10 x 8 exhibition space (piped and draped).
  • One full conference registration is included.
  • You get full utilization of the booth space (including any custom displays, banners or signage you bring).
  • You get 10% off a second registration (for sponsor only).
  • You get 20% off all additional registrations (for sponsor only). 

Tabletop Exhibition Booth Space

Starting Price: $0.99 $250!

Stay a step ahead of your competition by signing on as an exhibitor. The tabletop booth comes with all of the great stuff a premium booth does, but with a more limited visual presence.

The Details:

  • You get a 10 x 8 exhibition space (piped and draped).
  • One full conference registration is included.
  • You can use the tabletop space only (no additional displays, banners or custom items).
  • You get 10% off a second registration (for sponsor only).
  • You get 20% off all additional registrations (for sponsor only).