Wouldn’t it be great to know what keywords your competitors are using with just one click?  What if with that same click you could also find estimated traffic and ad positioning or even see a list of your direct competitors?

If you aspire to optimize your site without spending a lot of money and time, SEMRush.com is the first and steady step to your success.

Developed by the creators of SEOquake FireFox extension and SEOdigger tool, SEMRush allows you to check the rankings of a website in Google and compare to your competitors. Using a database with 35 million of the most popular keywords, SEMRush is the fastest and easiest way to reach the best results. The database spans across more than 13 million domains to analyze Google search results and shows related keywords for any domain that ranks high enough to be in the top 20 search or AdWords results.

Digging a little deeper we can find:

•            list of Google keywords for any site

•            list of AdWords keywords for any site

•            list of your competitors in organic and paid Google search results

•            estimated SE and AdWords traffic for any domain

•            hidden related (and low-cost) keywords to optimize your AdWords campaign

Start by typing in any domain and you can find those sites that are directly competing with it for search engine traffic on the organic side and the Adwords side of the equation.

Competitors in organic search


Competitors in AdWords.

SEMRush also shows an overview of AdWords texts for each domain.


Click on «Common Keywords» next to the domain-competitor you are interested in and you will receive the report on common keywords for the both domains compared in Organic search as well as in AdWords.


Besides these reports SEMRush.com also gives information on:

•            Potential ads/traffic buyers – sites that buy AdWords through domain organic keywords.

•            Potential ads/traffic sellers – sites ranked in the top 20 in the Google organic search through keywords common with domain advertising in AdWords.

You can just type in a keyword and SEMRush will take that keyword, give you the top competitors in both the organic Google results and Adwords. You can push this data further and also get a list of thousands of related keywords or do research on the top ranking domains or urls.

The service updates its data once a month, the price starts at $19.95 a month with a 33% discount for paying 6 months in advance. You can also test SEMRush with their FREE limited two weeks trial and later on upgrade to the license version.  To use this trial just enter this promo code P862-07F2-0WKF-G3W2 in appropriate field while your registration.

When used properly, all of this gained information could easily increase your site position – it certainly makes keyword research much easier! Get more traffic and save money with SEMRush.com.