PPC News Roundup for 10/30/2009

  • It’s finally here? Search Engine Roundtable suggested that the New Microsoft adCenter Desktop Beta is Coming November 6th. If you decide to test out the new application be sure to save your online adCenter account beforehand to avoid data loss.
  • Search Engine Journal recently reviewed “KGEN” – the Keyword Generator from Firefox. The application allows you to quickly see which keywords a webpage uses, how many time each keyword was used, and the “weight” of the keyword based on its location on the page. Pretty cool.
  • Google launches a new feature called comparison ads. This new feature allows someone who types in a very general search term like ‘mortgage’ to select what area of mortgage they’re looking for specifically, whether it’s loans, or refinancing, etc. Then Google will tailor their results depending on what area the user selected.
  • With the holiday season approaching it is time to start thinking about your holiday PPC bidding strategy. Search Engine Land has posted a great review about common trends seen during the holiday season, and strategies for PPC bid management.
  • Are you still scared of the Google Content Network? You shouldn’t be! It takes a lot of work but you can generate some great results from this distribution network. Google is willing to offer you a helping hand (of course) to get you started on Content. How nice!
  • Has anybody used the translator toolkit from Google yet? I have my doubts. If this thing works anything like Babelfish, then you’re going to end up with gibberish for keywords and ads. Or, maybe it works great. Thoughts?
  • Remember all that noise about the Yahoo/Bing deal? Well, it’s still chugging along. Search Engine Watch has reported that the deal has had some implementation snags but it’s progressing. Keep your eyes open.
  • We just can’t get enough tips for this seasons holiday shopping. Yahoo! has a good post on challenges and solutions for a ‘tight’ holiday season. It’s no secret, shoppers will be spending less this year, so how can you make your website/product stand out above the crowd?
  • Making competitors irrelevant? Sounds kinda interesting, huh? Brian Clark at Copyblogger discusses some practices you can implement for your business-or a client’s- to confront and defeat competition!

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