Liveblogging "Google Ads & Analytics Announcements"

By Bri Saxman | @brisaxman | Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Today is the day we learn more about the latest Google Ads and Analytics updates. Follow along live as we share Google’s announcements as well as our opinions.

Let the countdown begin! #GoogleSummit

Senior Vice President takes the stage. What he is always hearing? “Mobile changes everything.”

A mobile first world. The shift from desktop to mobile has happened.

Now, it’s not if, it’s how we invest in mobile.

Interactive ads have proved to supply what customers want. Desktop and mobile will have different strategies to capture customers and meet their needs, right where they are and right when the reach out.

Google Innovations are up next: Device. Location. Audience.

Three years ago desktop Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns. Today, mobile bids are more than an adjustment. They are now a priority. Mobile first.

What should text ads look like?

Removing right hand side ads improved mobile experience. Adding a second headline improved CTR and provided 50% more ad text for mobile ads.

Individual bid adjustments for mobile, desktop and tablets. Optimize your bids to what device matters most to you.

Nearly 1/3 of mobile searches are related to location. Location searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches over all, in the past year.

Location extensions will now be available in Google Maps. #promotedlocations

“One in four people don’t shop in store because they aren’t sure if the product they want is in stock.”

Promoted pins, unique promotion text, customizeable business page, local inventory info and searchable inventory, are what is next for local ads.

Promoted Pins will allow brands to advertise to users along their route.

Up next, personalizing the ad experience across search and display.

DoubleClick Bid Manager & Google Display Network

Cross-Exchange Inventory = more reach + high quality + same precision

Announcing…. Similar Audiences for Search! Remarket to audiences on previous intent instead of just site visit.

AdWords and Google Analytics changes are coming up next. The new interface will help advertisers identify opportunities, focus on your marketing objectives, and accomplish more.

Overview pages will be the new homepage. New graphs, campaign creation and maps. No upgrade or migration of any kind! Through 2016-2017 Google will ask advertisers to try this new layout and make changes before rolling it out fully.


Starting today, Google Analytics 360 Suite will roll out to limited advertisers.

Data Studio 360 will allow you to collaborate with others, use existing templates, change date ranges, save reports and import AdWords data.

A paid beta is available, or you can try a free version for up to 5 reports!

That Data Assistant in Analytics allows you to search through natural language for data in your accounts and give you answers instantly.

And that’s a wrap!

Let us know your thoughts on todays announcements! #ppchero #googlesummit

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