On May 5th, Google introduced “Micro-Moments.” These moments occur billions of times per day and can be anything from want-to-know, want-to-go, want-to-buy and so much more. Today, Google will be livestreaming a new event entitled “Micro-Moments: The New Battleground for Brands.” Once again, we’ll be liveblogging the event, giving you our instant updates, thoughts, and analysis!

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[1:59 PM] Is everyone ready? Let the fun begin!

[2:03 PM] Real moments with real people. Google conducted research and talked to customers to see what they are searching, why they were searching and at what moment where they searching.

[2:05 PM]  People are searching for what they need the moment they need it. When your need is fairly low cost, the first products people see are the ones that they are tending to buy.

[2:09 PM] Micro-moments are moments when we are open to input on our decisions. Quick moments that happen throughout our days that impact our purchases in the long run. An example would be searching for a new home. Google’s Mortgage Calculator is now available to see what you can afford in a matter of minutes. You can also search contractors, for sale homes and decorators. In the past you had to sit down multiple days and dig though each one by one. Now you can use what Google is terming “stollen moments” throughout your day to find what you are looking for all in one place.

[2:10 PM] Ethnographic Research: Immediacy, Relevancy, Loyalty to Needs.

[2:12 PM] Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.11.37 PM

[2:14 PM] Shutterfly found an increase in traffic coming from mobile by using estimated cross-device conversions. They shifted more budget to mobile and increased conversions overall. Conversions weren’t necessarily coming though on the mobile device, but they were starting there.

[2:16 PM] Nordeus, a gaming company, used YouTube and Google’s Costume Parameters to increase app downloads.

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[2:20 PM] Steps on how to connect with the audience that matters to your buisness:

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[2:23 PM] Well that was a quick one folks, just less than 20 minutes.

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