In the world of digital marketing, you may have heard about SA360/DV360 and have at least a basic understanding of the tools. Though, one of the biggest questions advertisers or clients have when onboarding a new tool is how it will impact their business and is it worth the investment? 

As a reminder, SA360 & DV360 are part of the Google Marketing Platform stack (GMP). Both campaign management tools have been around for a while and like other google platforms, there have been many updates and new features added since the platform was first released, allowing marketers to make their digital marketing more sophisticated and impactful. 

How can SA360 & DV360 Enhance Your Digital Marketing?

So how exactly can these tools enhance your digital marketing? Some of my favorite capabilities are the amplified bidding strategies, high-quality inventory options with DV360, and advanced attribution capabilities. 

Enhanced Bidding Capabilities

As a fellow digital marketer navigating through automation, I strongly relate to this common concern “how do these bidding capabilities stack up against what we’re currently doing?”

Besides optimizing based on user signals and making use of auction time bidding, four key differences between SA360/DV360 bidding strategies vs. other platform bidding strategies are:

  1. SA360 Bid strategies work across supported search engines
  2. Bid strategies utilize floodlight conversion tracking 
  3. DV360 offers the ability to assign values to different events
  4. DV360 allows advertisers to pay for viewable impressions

Quality & Diverse Inventory with DV360

When running display or video campaigns, top-of-mind concerns for marketers and clients are around where their ads will appear and if their brands are appearing on quality sites and next to sensitive content. With standard display buying, a lot of the time we don’t have that in-depth insight.

Though, when purchasing your display or video through DV360, you have insights into your “Quality View Data”. With data updated daily, you’re able to understand your viewability and content information. This data also gives marketers insight into invalid traffic that would’ve been bought if it was not filtered pre-bid where their ad content appeared.

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Also, for advertisers who are interested in diversifying their inventory, DV360 also has a diverse set of publisher & inventory packages available. Including:

  • Black-owned publishers
  • Women-owned publishers
  • Latinx-owned publishers

Advanced Attribution For DV360/SA360:

Formally known as DoubleClick, (campaign manager 360) CM360 offers powerful features for ad serving, targeting, verification, reporting, and floodlight building. 

When determining which attribution model to use, CM360 also offers an AMT (Attribution Modeling Tool) which can help advertisers understand which conversion path is best for measuring success for their business by providing use case scenarios. 

Compared to other tools, CM360 also offers the ability for advertisers to create custom attribution models and utilize data-driven attribution models.

  • Custom Attribution Models:
    • This allows advertisers to freely set up their own attribution models to specifically fit their business needs, giving you more control over how the credit for conversions is distributed.
  • Data-Driven Attribution Models:
    • This particular model allows advertisers to train an attribution model based on their own data. So what does that mean? Essentially, using data from your floodlight and conversion paths, this method develops conversion probability models then algorithmically assigns the conversion credit to each touchpoint. 

Final Thoughts

Finding ways to create impactful marketing campaigns is our role as digital marketers. With new features and tool releases, it is our responsibility to find the right tools to ensure we’re making the right decisions to grow our client’s brand. With enhanced bidding capabilities, advanced attribution abilities, quality, and diversified inventory, the GMP platform offers ways to not only enhance our marketing campaigns but also to measure the direct impact it can have on a brand.