Yesterday Google announced that they are rolling out a new Display Network tab on their interface.  Over the next few weeks this tab will become available in your account and, if you’re in the interface everyday like we are here at PPC Hero, YOUR LIFE WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED.

The all caps may seem like a bit much, but this is really and truly all-caps level news.  The Display Network is stepping out on its own with this upgrade, and it will make optimizing more efficient and streamlined.  It’s amazing.  This is the sort of news that makes reporting on news worth it.  I can imagine this must be what Dan Rather felt when Lewinsky’s blue dress was first unearthed. Or maybe what gossip bloggers felt when Britney Spears shaved her head.

On to the changes!

  • There will now be a Display Network tab

-Based on the screenshot provided by Google, the Audiences, Topics and Networks tab will all be absorbed here.  Anything that used to be Display Network related will be funneled in this new and amazing tab.

Google's New Display Network Tab
Isn’t She a Beaut?
  • The Contextual Engine has been “revved-up”

-What does that mean, you ask?  It means that you can now view data ON A KEYWORD BY KEYWORD BASIS ON THE DISPLAY NETWORK.  Again, all caps.  Again, justified.  Gone are the days of monitoring your contextual campaigns at the ad group level.  Optimization just got optimized, yo.  This is a stunning improvement and something that will really take this targeting method to the next level.

  • There’s a new visualization tool that shows the reach of each type of targeting across your display campaigns.Google's New Targeting Diagram

-Not only is this a major boon to fans of Venn Diagrams (like yours truly), it also clarifies what can often be a struggle on the Display Network.  You will be able to see what overlap you have and more precisely target different campaigns.

Honestly, I feel like Google should have had Ty Pennington move a bus out of the way before making this blog post.  This is an Extreme Makeover: Display Network Edition.  This new tab is a major step forward for the Display Network.  It’s a big enough change that it makes me want to start calling it “The Tab” or something.  Changes this grand deserve their own nomenclature.  Any ideas?  Suggestions?

There’s already a help article up on Google and just reading that makes us excited beyond words.  Let us know if you’re as psyched about this change as we are.  This is a big update, people.  A big, big update.