Have you had troubles with your display ads showing on mobile devices? As advertisers we have been hearing for a long time about how mobile is the future, and how we need to move our focus toward advertising on mobile devices. However, the resources for mobile have just not been the same as the resources we have on desktop, especially on the Display Network.

Well, in the coming weeks we can expect some changes that will help us reach the audience we want to reach via mobile devices. AdWords explained that display ads built for mobile devices are coming.

The features that come with this update include:

  • Brand ads built for mobile and resized for any screen. These Engagement Ads will be available in the AdWords Ad Gallery soon. They are made to run seamlessly across devices and screens. These ads are created through HTML5 automatically by using your brand assets.

Brand Ads

  • Video Ads for the AdMob Network. These video ads have been available previously, but they will be rolling out across more apps in AdMob. If the video is skipped then you do not pay for these video ads.
  • New Anchor Ad Format. This new format will make your advertisement stay on the bottom of the users screen as they scroll, rather than moving along with the scroll (which we all know has had it’s fair share of issues).

Anchor Ad

  • Magazine Style Text Ad Format. This is a style that was launched in order for mobile websites. Now, AdWords has allowed advertisers to format their text ads similar to a mobile websites’ format as seen below:

Magazine Style

  •  Tools to make existing ads mobile ready. AdWords will now have tools available to help with mobile advertising in display. Examples of these tools include: automatic mobile sizes for image ads, interactive HTML5 backups for when flash is not supported, and easy-to-use tool for uploading current creative assets into a pre-built rich media ad template that creates ads for mobile devices.

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