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  • Bing released some big news this past week. They decided Google had it right all along, and now plan to release what Google AdWords describes as “Enhanced Campaigns” in order to make transitioning AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads easier. [PPC Hero].
  • Bing also released an Auto Tagging feature inside the interface for Google Analytics! Finally! [Clix Marketing]
  • A recent study came out that Google is losing shares in the Mobile Ad market [Search Engine Land]
  • This study may have been what triggered Google to focus on Mobile Ads this past week, as they now allow advertisers to show larger Image Ads in Mobile Apps [Righteous Marketing]
  • Google also focused on keeping their Ads user-friendly, as Google now warns the Mobile user when a URL redirects them to the Home page [Search Engine Land]
  • Google’s battle in the UK continued this week, as Google looks to add “right to be forgotten” censorship to search result pages [The Guardian]
  • In the Social Media advertising world, you can now target people who clicked your search ads on Facebook [Ad Age]
  • eBay at it again as they come up with a study that “proves” search engine ads have no benefits [The Guardian]

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