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  • Google released a new guide to Shopping Campaigns. [Inside AdWords]
  • And while they were at it, they also made their annual update to the Product Feed Specifications. [PPC Hero, Inside AdWords]
  • America Online and are working together to develop a dynamic ad-serving system where ads will be triggered by real-time events. Cool! [Advertising Age]
  • And in comes more evidence of the ubiquity of mobile devices in the world of eCommerce shopping. [eMarketer]PPC Hero Morning Clicks
  • In the words of the honorable Eddard Stark, “Back-to-School season is coming.” [eMarketer]
  • In Soviet Russia, image targets you! [Search Engine Watch]
  • People want bigger phones! Could that mean more mobile ad real estate? [Yahoo Tech]
  • Hey look, Bing added additional functionality to its Bid Landscape tool! [PPC Hero, Bing Ads]
  • China hits another landmark in the race to 1 billion mobile users. [eMarketer]
  • Maybe Facebook isn’t the best platform for branded advertising anymore. [eMarketer]

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