Making mistakes are a big part of managing a PPC account. There is so much we can learn from our mistakes, and the moment we see them as lessons or opportunities for growth rather than mistakes, we will no longer have this crazy fear of encountering them in the PPC journey.  

AdWords scripts are one way an account manager can identify mistakes in your account and help you understand where your account can change and grow. Two ways to leverage AdWords scripts in this way is to see which Campaigns are Over CPA goal and keep tabs on those pesky Non-Converting Keywords. By using AdWords scripts, you can save time, make more informed changes, get more work done in your day and let you focus on strategy rather than pulling levers.

Non-Converting Keywords + Keyword Metrics

  • Quickly see which keywords are NOT converting in your account.
  • Analyze your keywords by date range.
  • View KPI’s like Conversions, Impressions, Clicks, Avg. CPC, and Avg. Pos. to help you decide if a keyword should be paused or not.

Why we love it: Seeing which keywords are not converting in your account and the metrics associated with your campaign will help you determine if a keyword is accomplishing something other than a conversion like introducing a customer to your product.

Non-Converting Keywords
Non-Converting Keywords

Campaigns Over CPA

  • Set your CPA goal and quickly identify which campaigns are over goal.
  • Choose a date range and schedule it to run as often as you need.
  • See which campaigns are spending, but not converting.

Why We Love It: No one has time to check if CPA budgets are busted for all their accounts. With this script you can schedule it to run on a reoccurring basis and be notified about any campaigns that are over CPA or have Zero conversion and are over CPA goal.

Campaigns Over CPA
Campaigns Over CPA

Don’t have time to setup and troubleshoot AdWords scripts? Don’t worry, that’s why we created quick and easy tutorials for all our scripts.