In our quest of looking for ways to provide more value to the PPC industry, we’ve segmented data collected from our State of PPC Survey and created a new report solely for education marketers! This new report gives you a snapshot of trends and benchmarks in the education marketing industry that will help guide your digital marketing plan for 2019 and give you a better understanding of the areas you can implement and optimize for more profitable marketing strategies.

Whether your goal is to reach high school students that are figuring out their next step in life, current students thinking about graduate school or people already in the workforce looking to further their education, paid advertising is a crucial part of your digital plan.

Here’s a look at some of the stats you’ll find in this report:


The report also goes through how budgets will change in the next 12 months and predictions from the Hanapin team for the industry.

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P.S. We’ll be releasing more Short Reports soon on industries like Retail, SaaS, and Healthcare!