It’s a brand new year, which means now is as good a time as any to learn new things, get more strategic, and get creative with your PPC campaigns and overall marketing strategies.

In this toolkit by AdStage and Hanapin Marketing, we’ve compiled a number of PPC resources, including blogs you should be reading, chats to participate in and free tools at your disposal, to lead you down a path to PPC success in 2016.

This toolkit contains:

  • Blog Post on 5 Twitter targeting tactics you should be doing in 2016
  • Guide on leveraging Marketo with paid social
  • Guide on leveraging Hubspot with paid social
  • Comprehensive list of free PPC tools
  • Resource guide to learning PPC
  • Infographic and whitepaper on the most impactful PPC updates of 2015
  • Webinar recording on how to set up an ad stack
  • Webinar recording on what marketers needs to know about full-funnel ads and attribution

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