[New Whitepaper!] Improving Your Account Through AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are a fantastic way to automate many tasks in AdWords. Scripts work directly within your account and require little development overhead. They offer the opportunity for self-service automation without the reliance on third party tools or platforms. Thankfully many scripts are plug and play, requiring little customization to test and implement in your own accounts. In this whitepaper, we’ll cover when and why to use a script and we’ll provide selection of ready- to-use examples. Most of the primary examples are created and fully supported by the AdWords developer team. This means that all of these scripts are up-to-date and contain full instructions.

This whitepaper will discuss tips like:

  • When and how to run reporting scripts
  • Why you should utilize optimization scripts
  • How to take the next step to take advantage of all Scripts has to offer

Improve your account now

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