Yesterday, Google announced their partnership with Digitas, in an effort to provide advanced mobile marketing usage research data to Google advertisers. This partnership will allow Google to combine their original marketing data with Digitas’ search and marketing research to better identify mobile trends and user behavior. The availability of this extra information will ultimately serve to drive the implementation of more mobile-friendly sites, as advertisers will have more insight into mobile behavior.

As a PPC advertiser, this information will be beneficial in effectively allocating resources between traditional online and mobile campaigns. It seems that the mobile search buzz has only recently gained serious momentum with advertisers, so having this additional data from Google to help inform future decisions about how and where searchers are trending will allow advertisers to be more proactive, especially when gearing up for holiday or seasonal promotions.

As an example of the information that will be available to advertisers, you can view the first round of data from Google and Digitas about searchers’ habits surrounding this year’s Mother’s Day on the Google Mobile Ads Blog. I like that this data gives me a break down of when desktop searches are more prominent than mobile, allowing me to target my campaigns appropriately by day/hour. Knowing which specific searches are conducted on mobile devices versus desktop browsers will also go a long way in optimizing campaigns on and off mobile devices.

Last minute shopping deals, restaurant reservations and/or coupons, product availability for in-demand items are only a few ways advertisers will be able to utilize the enhanced market research for their mobile campaigns. So, be sure to check in with Google/Digitas for future research.

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