As the agency behind PPC Hero and Hero Conf, Hanapin Marketing is always looking for people. Really, really good people. Our careers page is always full of openings. We’re always having conversations with PPC professionals near and far.

To do that, we’ve also built our company into one that people really want to work at. Our initial and on-going training programs are second to none, our benefits like 2nd/2nd (a three day weekend the 2nd Friday of the 2nd month of each quarter) are unique, and we’ve made Indiana’s Best Places to Work for two years running.

Something Unique

But right now, we’re looking for something pretty unique, so I’m writing a letter explaining it. In short, we’re looking for companies.

Specifically, we want to ask you, our community: Are you a freelancer, or do you own a small- to mid-sized agency? Are you tired of marketing, sales and running the day-to-day? Do you want more time to focus on just doing PPC and not running the business? Or maybe you’re just ready for a steady paycheck?

If so, we’re looking for you.

We’ve been growing organically since our founding 10 years ago, and while we’re very happy with that growth (70% last year alone), we want to supercharge it and go even faster. To that end, we are actively looking to buy freelancers and small- to mid-sized agencies to join our team!

Who Do We Want?

If you’re reading this, the answer is mostly: You. But more specifically, we want people or agencies who are specialized, particularly those who are 75-100% focused in one of the areas below:

• Social advertising
• Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
• E-commerce/PLAs
• Specific verticals (Including but not limited to: EDU, Hospitality, Lifestyle, Auto, etc)
• Analytics (Consultants, not software)

That’s right: Hanapin is actively looking for companies to buy outright. We’re pretty excited about that, but not as excited as what that means for that company’s employees: We would want the current staff stay on board as employees, growing our universe of PPC Heroes exponentially.

How Would It Work?

I certainly understand if you’re the owner and you want to exit the business. We would make arrangements for that too. Logistically speaking, we may keep the company’s brand and market it separately, or we may fold it under the Hanapin umbrella as an additional office. Relocation isn’t a deal-breaker: Remote workers are fine by us, half of our team already works remotely either full- or part-time.

No, Really, How Would It Work?

Each individual deal will be fact sensitive, so we’ll figure things out on a case-by-base basis, though we’re flexible and already have a clear idea of the framework. We’re comfortable with remote offices or anyone who would like to relocate to our lovely offices in Bloomington. (Truth be told, the latter is our preference so you can better integrate with the team.)

Your clients would become Hanapin’s clients and would likely be redistributed to the team based on our existing hierarchy of skill sets and responsibilities. This would allow you to focus on new clients and broaden your own skill set. You’d get a steady paycheck from us, and a one-time buy-out for your clients.

Anyone who already knows us knows that we’re all about transparency and clean transactions. That’s why we’re looking for companies who fit the above criteria, which we’ve posted publicly, and who have little to no debt.

If you’re interested, email my assistant, Rebecca Button, at with your name, company, and phone number. I promise complete confidentiality. At this point, I don’t need to see your financials. She’ll simply schedule a phone call to see how well your vision and values align with Hanapin’s.