Why hello offline conversions in AdWords, where have you been all my life? Optimizing lead gen accounts in AdWords just got a little sweeter with the release of the new AdWords Conversion Import feature. The Conversion Import feature allows advertisers to track the entire sales cycle from ad click, to offline conversions AND THEN… import these offline conversions back into AdWords via a click id (GCLID) parameter.


Who Should Use This:

Everyone and anyone that manages an AdWords account and tracks some sort of offline conversion event.  This could be huge for lead gen clients that want to track if the leads AdWords is bringing in are good quality. eCommerce clients that wants to track if an order was returned after a 30-day period, or maybe they only want to track new clients. There are many ways to get creative and track various types of offline conversion information directly in AdWords.

How it Works:

AdWords provides you with a unique click ID called “GCLID” in the form of a javascript code, once you’ve placed this little beauty on all the pages in your site, AdWords can then track any click on your site that has come from an AdWords ad. Then, the client must be able to save that GCLID along with whatever info is collected in the offline tracking system.

Once the user has placed an order, closed a deal or converted, that conversion info, GCLID and a few other details about the type of conversion, are then imported back into AdWords. Within about 3 hours from the time of upload, you should be able to see offline conversion data directly in your AdWords account and can optimize to your hearts desire.

How to Set it Up

For step-by-step directions to get started check out this article. Below are the basics to get started:

  •  Set up imports for Offline Conversion Tracking:

1.     Create “Import” conversion type in conversions menu in AdWords account

2.     Install new “import” conversion code with GCLID to all pages of your site insert this code at the bottom of every web page, immediately before the closing </body>


  • Import Conversions into AdWords:

1.     Prepare date for import. Download template (Excel or CSV). Do not delete “Parameter” or “Action” columns. Do not include personal info or additional columns. Adjust columns as specified by AdWords. *See how to import your offline conversions for full instructions.

2.     Import Conversions.  In AdWords Tools and Analysis > Conversions > Upload button. *once imported there is no “undo” and can’t be deleted from your account.


·      Must be able to store GCLID information along with client’s information in offline

     lead/order tracking software

·      Must enable auto-tagging

·      You can make code changes to all of your web pages

·      You have a click-to-conversion cycle that is less than 90 days


Phone & CRM Tracking Software Onboard:

Below are links to several companies already integrated with AdWords Conversions Import and a link to a guide that will walk you through the process.

·      Marketo

·      Mongoose Metrics

·      SugarCRM

·      Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud

Additional Information:

·      It takes about 3 hours for your imported conversions statistics to show up in your AdWords account. When they do, they’ll appear in your conversions columns.

·      Imported conversions can also use in Bid Automations and Search Funnels.

·      You are able to import offline conversions across multiple accounts via the MCC

·      Offline tracking does not work for Click-to-call tracking since the user needs to visit the site for the GCLID to fire

One of my fellow Hanapin team members brought up a good question about this new feature “how do you manage initial leads vs. long term leads?” I think this could get a bit tricky but one way you could do this is by going to Segments > Conversions > Conversion action name. This would allow you to see how performance is across the various conversion types you created. I’m sure there will be more to come on this as AdWords continues to develop this feature.  

Optimizing your campaigns to include the full sales cycle is key in achieving overall online marketing goals and maximizing revenue. The AdWords Conversion Import feature makes that a little easier. Give this new feature a try and let us know what you think!