Earlier this week we requested submissions for our new Landing Page Critique series we’ll be doing on an ongoing basis. Just to re-cap, if you send us your landing page url the team at PPC Hero will critique your landing page and post it to our blog.

Landing pages are a crucial element of your paid search marketing campaign and we feel that your landing pages could always be better. Listening to our podcast just may help you realize some changes you could make to your own landing page.

Our first critique is for Amy at Zilliant.com. If you would like to follow along with the podcast you can view her current landing page at: https://www.zilliant.com/two_minute_tour_ppc.html.

Keywords Amy is targeting are:

pricing software
pricing system
pricing tool
pricing management
pricing objectives

Business Objective: Drive new visitors to the site to request a flash demo of their software. One challenge is that the same offer on the zilliant homepage highly outperforms the PPC landing page. What is compelling? What should they be saying to these new visitors who know nothing about the zillant company and services?

Click below to listen to the HEROcast.

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Download MP3:

1. Our First Landing Page Critique Podcast: Zilliant.com (11.6MB, .mp3)

If you would like to have your landing page critiqued and posted to our blog. Simply follow the directions below!

When submitting your landing page for critique consideration, please include the following:

  • Landing Page URL
  • Sample PPC advertisement that sends users to your URL
  • Top 5-10 keywords that you are targeting for this landing page
  • Overall business objective (the goal of the landing page)
  • Current challenges you are having with this landing page

The landing page you submit may be critiqued and posted to PPC Hero so please make sure that you feel comfortable having it posted to the blog.

How do you submit? Just go our contact page and submit your information!
We look forward to hearing from you!