The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from December. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips.

For the second month in a row, Jen has taken first place!  This time, her post discusses how to utilize Google’s product extensions and PLAs, and how to get them to work to your advantage.  Product extensions (Google’s method of incorporating Merchant Center data with AdWords text ads) and product listing ads (ads which include additional relevant product information such as images and prices) offer a new, integrated way for SEMs to make the most of PPC, and as both a step-by-step guide and a great collection of tips and advice, Jen’s post will help you set up these exciting features in the most productive way possible!

Bethany’s case study on improving a low quality score account came in a close second place.  After inheriting a new account that had passed through many hands, Bethany knew that the best way to assess her plan of action was to start with reviewing the account’s quality scores.  By systemically reviewing keywords, ad group structure, and destination URL performance, Bethany was able to increase her quality scores and clean up what was otherwise a messy account.  Good work!

Coming in third was Erin’s list of 6 optimization tips for the New Year.  Whether the holiday season was your busiest time for retail, or brought a gradual end-of-the-year slow down, Erin’s list of to-dos was sure to get your account organized, optimized, and ready for 2011.  But best of all, these are tips that are great at any point in the year, especially if you’re ready to reassess your account performance.  If you haven’t taken a look at it yet, be sure to do so!

Wrapping up this month is Rob, whose discussion of account level quality score may have you reconsidering how you assess your account.  Although Google’s been very hush-hush about the whole thing, Rob is certain that account level quality score not only exists, but that it can cause large account problems if ignored.  This means that it’s more important than ever to pay attention to keywords, and to not be afraid to ax the non-performers.