The rule of thumb is that bidding on highly relevant, targeted keywords will help your conversion rate and cost per lead, while cutting down on irrelevant clicks.  So what do you do when those keywords result in a lot competition and a drain on your funds? Geordie at PPC Blog has some tips for when broad keywords can be cheaper and get you the results you’re looking for. What it comes down to, according to Geordie, is that bidding on more broad terms won’t be the solution for every account, but it can be worth a shot if your most desired keywords aren’t profitable.

When you’re working in online advertising, straightforward information is sometimes hard to come by. Luckily, this week Bing released a clear, concise explanation of how adCenter does billing. From choosing payment information to finding out your monthly billing date, Bing lays it all on the table. It’s a great link to keep on hand, and send out to curious clients!

This week, Aurea Astro with the adCenter blog promoted a study that Microsoft Advertising  and Wunderman conducted last spring. The study reveals some very interesting findings about moms’ multi-screen media habits. Turns out, moms are the leaders in screen convergence, they’re more receptive to marketing messages on every screen and consistent, connected cross-screen media experiences are very important to them. We recommend you check out this article and even download the full report to help you create and drive more effective campaigns.

Welles Wiley of the Portent Interactive blog discusses his obstacles getting into the Internet ad writing business with a liberal arts university English degree. He discusses what he learned in college that applies to writing online content, as well as what no longer applies. As far as what is now useless—vivid description, high-end vocabulary, and paragraph formatting. But, he also counters that there are some aspects of his English education that still apply to his new career in Internet ad writing, such as excess language is still frowned upon, peer editing still has a place and the fact that inspiration is everywhere.