The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from April. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips.

Erin’s guide on landing page best practices drew in the most visitors for the month of July. Erin reminds us that the landing page is the first visual introduction of your brand to the customer. Thus, it is vitally important to not only optimize your landing pages for success, but to also understand how a user sees and interacts with the page. Make sure not to miss her blog providing a number of valuable tips on what a user expects to see post-click.

Second in total visitors this month was Jessica’s piece on how to find a great PPC team. Jessica knows what it takes to be a good PPC account manager, and she’s here to walk you through the personality characteristics of the best PPC professionals. Mostly, being good in the game of PPC requires a balance of technical skills and sales & marketing skills, but this post goes even further and breaks down the qualities every PPC professional needs to have to be successful. Whether you are thinking about entering the PPC field or hiring some new search marketing employees, you shouldn’t miss this post.

Third up is one of the freshest faces on the PPCHero blog. In her debut post, Amy delivers detailed overviews on seven of the top third tier search engines. Here at Hanapin, we are always looking for opportunities to expand our PPC accounts into third tier networks. These lesser-known search engines can perform successfully and often provide a lower cost per click, plus a niche user market. Lucky for us, Amy charts the unknown territory and provides a wealth of knowledge in her guide on search engine expansion.

Our final most popular post from the month of July happens to be one from me. In this post, I help our readers with their PPC summer strategies and note ways to tap into the summer psyche of consumers. Summer will be over before we know it, so make sure to utilize these tips before the leaves start falling!