When it comes to promoting an event, the Internet can be of great help. Whether you need to generate buzz or post local announcements, PPC should be a primary weapon in your arsenal.  Kevin Burns over at WPromote has an excellent article on starting event buzzes using PPC campaigns.  PPC has the power to reach your target market and spread the word, so get your party hat on and start leading powerful campaigns that will increase your traffic!

In the context of a website, conversion is usually the percentage of visitors that make a purchase. Many websites concentrate solely on increasing their number of closed deals when they often have other conversion opportunities within their site. Some of these secondary conversions may have a huge effect on your ability to measure success. Derek Edmond over at KoMarketing Associates lists additional SEM conversions beyond direct sales leads.

This week Erin posted a follow-up article on PPC Hero that digs into the AdWords Campaign Experiments tool. The good news is that this week we also saw an announcement from Google on the Inside AdWords blog about the ACE tool rolling out to all U.S. advertisers. This really is a handy tool and there is no reason not to use it. It’s time to get your experiment on.

We all love tools that make our lives easier and our decisions more informed right? I thought so. If you haven’t been using Microsoft Advertising Intelligence, Tina Kelleher at the adCenter Blog has a bunch of reason’s why you should.