The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable, articles from June. Whether you’re a new subscriber or a current subscriber you may have missed these insightful and helpful pay-per-click management tips. Enjoy!

  • Getting a little help with your PPC campaign is never a bad thing: we all get by with a little help from our friends. And Yahoo wants to your friend. Or maybe not. Either way, Yahoo is going to be automatically optimizing your PPC account if you don’t explicitly tell them not to and we tell you about it in this article.
  • When using Google Analytics it’s really easy to get lost in all the data, but sometimes it’s necessary to take the time and see what information they have to offer about your account. In this blog post I discuss 3 very cool and useful Google Analytics reports that I use frequently to boost my PPC campaigns’ performance. These include the site overlay report, geographical reporting, top content, landing pages and exit pages reports.
  • After stumbling through some discouraging circumstances with AdWords (and my reps), I was feeling down on Google.  To make the picture even clearer, I was reminded that same week how great of a Yahoo! rep I’ve been given.  These experiences led me to a strong sense that my love affair with Google was drawing a close – the honeymoon was ending.
  • MSN adCenter is often the negeclted search engine when it comes to paid search – and rightly so. The traffic is minimal (compared to Google & Yahoo) and their interface is clunky. However, their team has taken a big foot forward with their new adCenter Desktop Application. This MSN’s version of AdWords Editor.