PPC News Roundup for July 3, 2008

By Amber Speer | @Hanapin
  • If you’re wanting excellent tips on how to build a profitable PPC campaign, check out David Szetela’s new weekly column on SEW called, Profitable PPC. The series will aim to build and optimize successful PPC campaigns from start to finish. Can’t wait to read them David!
  • Wondering how you can create a radio ad with success in Adwords? Shoemoney says it’s been a great source of traffic for his site and is finally talking about how he puts his radio ads together. I think if you’re looking for a new way to advertise or generate traffic radio ads through Adwords is something to perhaps try.
  • Yahoo! posted an interesting take on the rising costs of gasoline. As consumers choose to use less and less fuel, they will turn to the internet to make even more purchases. In other words, if you’re selling products with PPC, now’s the time to step-up your efforts “It’s time to fill up your campaigns with some high-octane ads.”
  • Looking for a good laugh? The PPC Whiz found an advertiser (Toronto Tourism) who let a “test ad” go live.

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