The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from April. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips.

In our most popular May 2010 post, Amber takes the time to bust 36 myths of PPC. Don’t worry too much if you are falling victim to one of these fateful PPC fallacies, we give a little advice along the way to get you back on the right track.

Google Search Funnels not only reveals a much more accurate description of your customers, but also highlights the most efficient elements in your PPC campaigns. However, are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all the report data? No worries, Jen is here to help you sort out the intricate layers of Search Funnel reports.

Don’t forget that there are deals available on the second and third tier search networks. Even for highly competitive keywords, second and third tier search engines can provide very low CPC. While your conversion rate will be lower, the inexpensive CPC will balance out the risk involved.

Google Analytics and other PPC tracking programs provide a wealth of information at your disposal. Erin advises to not wait until it is too late and suggests being proactive with your PPC campaigns. Make small changes early rather than later and use the data trends to identify PPC opportunities for expansion.