Many small experiments are currently being run on Google’s display ads, and while they are meant to go unnoticed and without fanfare, they are occasionally leaked and analyzed publicly. Ultimately, this usually provides us with an interesting look at the future actions of Google and online marketing. The latest experiment allows advertisers to incorporate company Twitter feeds into display ads, thus allowing direct, real-time updates and interactions to the ads.

Need some tips on running paid search ads for local businesses? Search Engine Journal outlines how to best focus on PPC for your small business clients. Local businesses can provide significant opportunity for creativity in your ad writing as well as your landing page development. Check out this fascinating read and begin reaching out to those consumers right in your backyard.

Plenty of people are out there searching for you on the net. But whether they can find you or not may come down to your keywords. Just think of what people want from you. You can increase the quality of your keywords by having a better understanding of why people are buying your product or using your services. If you’re having trouble coming up with the type of quality keywords that you want, you should check these tips on high efficiency keywords.

According to eMarketer, about $11.4 million will go to search spending this year. But when search marketing is growing so rapidly, most search marketers’ PPC attention is on bids, ads, keywords and so forth. What about conversion? Isn’t that the goal? According to the post click is the yin and the conversion is the yang. Search marketers need a holistic approach to PPC, prioritizing conversion optimization because it’s not only about the click. But it’s about how you convert.