A week ago I posted a survey asking all of you what your favorite Google AdWords report was.  More importantly, I also asked, “Why?”  As promised, today I’m going to share the results of that survey.

Favorite AdWords Reports By the Numbers

  • Search Query Performance:  54%
  • Placement Performance: 23%
  • Ad Group Performance: 8%
  • Campaign Performance: 8%
  • Placement/Keyword Performance: 8%

Reader Comments

Search Query Performance:

Allows you to ID negative keywords that needs to be added to your campaign. Although I also hate this report because of the nebulous “Other queries” groupings.

It’s good to search the report for repeat terms that aren’t relevant. These can then be added as negatives.

Allows me to find the actual keywords delivering conversions and traffic, and negative match a whole lot of irrelevant keywords. great for building out and refining campaigns. all the other performance reports i use by just downloading the stats in adwords editor.

Campaign Performance:

I am a fan of running campaign performance reports and looking at the “Day of the Week” view to establish which days are generating the most conversions or the lowest cost per conversion (dependig on what your campaign goals are). This way, you can do some effective day parting.

Placement Performance:

Because in the market I operate in there are a lot of low quality made for adsense sites. It helps my clients Campaigns to block these.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey.  All of us at PPC Hero love to hear what our readers think, and to learn how you all are putting PPC resources to work for you!  Look for another fun survey in a few weeks.  If you have any suggestions for a great PPC survey, leave me a comment.