PPC Blog News Roundup for Friday 6/12/2009

  • Who said PPC isn’t good for branding? A study from eMarketer found that Senior-level Marketing Executives don’t see PPC as a good branding initiative. This response from Post-Click Marketing proves that you throw away a lot of money if you don’t consider branding through PPC campaigns.

  • Anyone seen the Opportunities tab in Google AdWords? The folks over at the AdWords Expert Blog discovered this new test from Google. Check it out!

  • Once again some post-click persuasion help from Copyblogger. There’s no point in getting a click if the clicker doesn’t get what you want them to get out of your website afterward, so it never hurts to concentrate a bit more on how to engage users and keep them on your site once they’ve arrived.

  • You’re a person. You’re a businessperson. You’re a business. It can be very confusing to figure out how to merge these personas in a way that benefits…all of your selves? Jennifer Laycock at Search Engine Guide explains the potential benefits & perils of over- and under-representing yourself via social media.

  • Josh Dreller at Search Engine Land continued his Excel at Excel for SEM applications series this week. We’re glad to see it returned and it’s a great article! Excel is a tool readily at your fingertips, now get the most out of it.
  • The new AdWords Interface is here, but you still have time to get comfortable. Most advertisers will have at least 30 days before their account is upgraded, and most will have a bit longer. Some of you may already be privy to the new tools and feature set available through the new interface, but if you haven’t gotten a glimpse yet, check out the new interface microsite. It’s all pretty snazzy!

  • Google launched its YouTube Biz Blog, which is packed full of tips, tricks, and new feature launches that help you stay on top of your online marketing strategy for YouTube.

Analyzing the AdWords Distance Report

The distance report provides a unique view of your geographic data. The report helps users understand how distance from a location impacts search ad performance.

How to Master Attribution for Easy Budget Planning

In this webinar, Hanapin’s Cassie Oumedian and Google’s Julia Meter will provide tips on using AdWords attribution to directionally decide where you should allocate your budget, and how you can use the changing industry to your advantage.

AdWords Interface Updating By End of 2018

By the end of 2018, the old AdWords interface will be replaced by the new AdWords Experience permanently. The exact date of the transition is up for debate but it is expected to come as early as October, if not earlier in the year.