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We thought we would wrap up our landing page optimization series by posting a brand new landing page critique podcast! The goal of these podcasts is to give feedback on readers’ landing pages in order to help you make them better! Don’t forget, if you’d like to submit your landing page for our podcast series, you can read the details on how to submit right here.

Today, we are focusing on 411taxrelief.com, submitted by Tobin Pociask. Tobin said in his submission: “We try to back into a $25-$30 CPL. It is very hard, b/c cpc’s are so high- your conversion and quality score has to be stellar in order to hit your metrics. We are around $50/ lead, which is too high.”

With these challenges the PPC Hero team set out to help Tobin decrease his cost-per-conversion by supplying tips to increase his conversion rate, enhance his AdWords Quality Score, and deepen his user interaction.

The areas that we focused on include:

  • Keyword strategy
  • Utilizing individual, highly targeted landing pages
  • How to a single landing page but still increase conversion rate
  • Benefit driven body content
  • Headlines & titles on the landing page
  • Building credibility on the site
  • Leading tracking: website leads vs. phone call leads

Give the podcast a listen, and hopefully you’ll come away with a few actionable items for your own landing page!

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