PPC Hero News Roundup For 9/18/09

  • Bill Slawski posted a link this week to Analyzing and Evaluating Query Reformulation Strategies in Web Search Logs – this is a paper written by researchers from the University of Washington. In his post, A Taxonomy of Rewriting Search Terms, Slawski outlines a few highlights from the paper – a very interesting read!
  • If only we could dress our PPC ads in bright orange – RevenueWire posted this week on How to Make Your PPC Marketing Stand Out in a Crowd. The post offers what questions you need to ask yourself and how you can research others to make yourself better.
  • If you have 9 minutes and 50 seconds to spare, check out this tutorial on Google’s now month-old feature, the Bid Simulator. It caused some confusion when it first launched, as many thought Google just wanted people to bid higher for keywords. But as Google’s Chief Economist Hal Varian thoroughly explains in the video, this isn’t exactly the case.
  • Like most bosses, if one of your clients’ stats tanks you are expected to fill in all the nitty gritty details of how, when, what and why something happened. This post on Search Engine Guide goes through the best way to diagnose problems using Google Analytics. Tom gives several tips on how to find what is causing the problem with detailed screen shots.
  • Check out these retail industry insights from Simone Schuurer from the MSN Adcenter Blog. In this post Simone talks about specific industries and when their peak traffic times are for PPC. Some of the industries she speaks of are finance, travel, entertainment, home furnishings and appliances and motoring.
  • Erin Skinner at ROI Revolution has a couple of quick tips re: how to use Google Analytics to focus your geotargeting efforts. Definitely worth looking into and trying if you’re not geotargeting now…

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