PPC Hero News Roundup for Friday 9/11/09

  • We’ve now entered the last quarter of the year – you know, the one packed with all the holidays and shopping days? It’s time to start thinking about and planning seasonal campaigns for clients. Some obvious – and not-so-obvious – dates to mark on your calendar should help get you started.
  • New reporting features are always welcome, especially from Yahoo. Their new Ad Delivery Report now shows you where your ads were displayed and performance data on these URLs – all very useful in determining where your traffic is coming from and whether or not it’s qualified.
  • In a time of budget reductions you might be wondering where to spend more resources on PPC or SEO? Well, PPC vs SEO looks at the benefits and pitfalls of both, while also looking at why it’s important to let the two tactics feed into each other. If you’re thinking of sacrificing one for the other, be sure to read this first.
  • Are you still a little weary about the content network? If you’ve started using it but aren’t really sure what it’s all about check out, Determining Content Network Performance By Placement. The post walks you through how to run a performance report and what to do with the data you find.
  • This week SEMPO released a white paper that focuses on mobile search. Or more to the point, it’s time to get serious about mobile search. Greg at Search Engine Land has a great write up and analysis of the report. So, how serious are you right now about mobile search? Got a plan to get serious?
  • So, you’ve set up an account within AdCenter but how do you make sure your ads are actually showing on Bing? Here’s the answer! The MSN Crew has provided a new feature called Ad Preview. This tool allows you to view your ads (and your competitor’s ads) without driving up impressions.
  • The folks over at Internet Retailer have released the results of a study by the E-Tailing Group suggesting that online shoppers can be influenced to trust, and purchase from, you if you reveal your competitors’ prices– this might be an interesting idea to test and see what effect it has on your PPC conversion rates.
  • Just a little reminder about smart account optimization strategy from the ClickZ blog- just doing what’s easy, fun, or intuitive is a costly mistake. Measuring & understanding the true conversion rate of your campaigns is the first step in deciding where to optimize.

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