PPC Hero News Roundup for Friday 9/4/2009

By Buki Long | @Hanapin
  • If you want successful PPC ads, you have to do much more than just insert calls-to-action and hope visitors will respond. Great ad-writing is all about the language – understanding the language of your customers and enforcing the bond between ad and landing page.
  • Are PPC marketers sneaky bastards? You bet! Just kidding. Actually, Greg over at SEM Geek has interesting take on landing page optimization. This post focuses on how a PPC manager can get landing page changes made when working with slow-moving clients.
  • Adam Goldberg has written the second part of his ‘Giving Credit to Keywords Where Credit is Due‘ series over at Search Engine Land. Here he is analyzing the top-of-funnel keywords and their performance and ROI. Very good case study (of sorts).
  • PPC Without Pity posted this week on How To Increase PPC Conversions. The post, unsurprisingly focuses on landing pages as a decisive factor in increasing conversions. We are big advocates of testing landing pages and this is exactly why!
  • There are many paid options when it comes to promoting your company/product, but have you ever considered using the AdWords location extensions? Get on the Google Map and ensure your business locations can be found!
  • It can be tough getting feedback about the quality of your advertising campaigns. Google is now allowing advertisers to check the pulse of their ads and brands through display ad feedback and the use of content network served gadget ads.
  • To Google it or to Bing it? According to Cedric Chambaz of Microsoft Advertising blog, each generation comes up with their own branded verbs. Bing is fresh, but will it prevail?
  • On Tuesday, Google announced its TV for All contest. Google TV Ads allows smaller companies a way to advertise easily and affordably on television. Their contest will run through October 5th. I’m going to start my story boards right now!

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