PPC Hero Says Thank You

By Jessica Niver | @Hanapin

The team at PPC Hero would like to give a big “Thanks!” to our fantastic advertisers. Their support allows us to provide frequent, thorough, relevant PPC advice & news and we’re grateful for every one of them. Please consider showing them that you appreciate their support as well by checking out their sites.

  • eMarketingSilo: An easy-to-use, high-quality resource that connects job seekers & employers in the internet marketing field.
  • iSpionage: Up-to-date competitive intelligence to help you develop high-performing ad text messages, competitive keyword lists, and learn where others in your industry are finding success.
  • ClickEquations: A fully-featured PPC management platform that offers search marketers detailed campaign data & flexible reporting options, as well as an extensive set of campaign management tools.
  • FlashPPC: Create & manage Adwords campaigns quickly and efficiently with this integrated keyword research, ad-text creation, and campaign management tool.

If you’d like to join our sponsors & reach our daily average audience of 3200+ search-marketing-focused readers, learn more & contact us today!

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